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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Library Catalog App for iPhone

So this has nothing to do with Learn and Play or with bilingual programming, but I was thinking how cool it would be if there was an iPhone app for a library catalog. In this way, when a user is out at a book store, or hears something on the radio, or is talking with friends and thinks, "I wonder if the library has that...," the user could quickly access the library catalog and find out. The user could reserve the item right then, or suggest a title to us if we don't have it. Sure, you could get online and surf over to your local library and browse their collection, but being one touch away is much quicker and easier for the user. Additionally, with a branded app right there on the homescreen, the customer is seeing that brand image regularly and in a positive way as they use their iPhone to connect with all types of information. Many social networking sites and businesses are already offering such free apps.

I have no idea how one would develop this or if any other libraries are already working on such a thing. But I can't help but think, if it's possible for businesses, if it's possible for social networking sites, if it's possible for wikipedia, why not for libraries?

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**5p34k1nt0ngu35** said...

I think the hyperlinked library of the future won't need propriety iphone apps. We'll just have to search for an item and our login information will tell the search engine how/what/where to look and automatically return the results we typically search for. In the case of a book, you'll get reviews, resellers, links to media related to that title/subject, as well as if its located at your local library or libraries in your area (among other things).