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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Juntos in the Mile High City!

The Reforma National Conference IV: Elevating Latino Services to a Higher Level is this weekend in Denver, CO, and I can't wait!  I will be serving on a panel of librarians presenting the pre-conference "Growing Up with Bilingual Programming: A Tribute to Rose Treviño."  My area will cover bilingual storytimes for preschool and early elementary age children, as well as families.  All of the resources that I will be sharing are available here for you.

This presentation covers the basics of designing a bilingual storytime.
Bilingual Storytime: Preschool, School Age and Families

This document includes recommended Spanish and bilingual movement music and a sample plan for a fiesta-theme bilingual storytime.
Fiesta Plan and Recommended Music

This document is a list of online and print resources for those planning and presenting Bilingual Storytime programs.

This document is a copy of the flannel pieces that I use to tell The Bossy Gallito / El gallo de bodas on a flannelboard.  The copies can be used as a pattern for creating your own flannel version of this delightful cumulative story.
Bossy Gallito

This document is a copy of the flannel pieces that I use to extend the "Eight Animals" stories by Susan Middleton Elya.
8 Animals

The final piece that I have to share are the files that I used in creating the Piñata Math activity.  In this activity, parents help their children identify shapes and colors, practice counting, compare sizes and identify/extend simple patterns.  The components to this activity are the Bilingual Piñata Math Instructions and the Piñata Math Shape Patterns.

As always, please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions about the resources I've shared here or bilingual storytime in general.  I hope to see lots of you this weekend in Denver!