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Thursday, June 16, 2011

P is for Piñata: A Mexican Alphabet - How did I miss this?!

Walking through the library yesterday I came across what I was sure was a brand new book - P is for Piñata: A Mexican Alphabet by Tony Johnston (who also wrote My Abuelita) and illustrated by John Parra.  I was shocked to find this book has actually been around since 2008!  As disappointed as I am that I haven't been using this spectacular alphabet book in my storytimes up to this point, I am so excited to start using it now!

This book presents each letter of the alphabet and a corresponding object or concept from Mexico in a short rhyming poem, written in English with some Spanish words.  Because of the rhyming text, the beautiful, full-page illustrations and the simplicity of the concepts presented, this is a great alphabet book to share with preschool groups.  Additionally, a sidebar shares more sophisticated information about the history or use of each letter's object, which makes this a great book for a classroom lesson on Mexico or for older readers to explore on their own.  I will be using this book in September when our Bilingual Family Storytime group celebrates the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month.

My favorite letter in the book is "S" for, of course, Skeleton!

     "S is for Skeleton
      Skeleton, skeleton, why do you dance?
      I love to move.  I love to prance -
      sometimes with partners; sometimes alone -
      to show off my rackety, clackety bones."

So if you are like me, and somehow have missed this amazing book, go find it and add it to your collection ASAP!  Know of another great book for bilingual programming that I may have missed?  Share it here!