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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flannel Friday: Owls! Lechuzas! Búhos!

A while back, Leah Kulikowski shared a totally cute pattern for owls to go with the rhyme "Five Little Hoot Owls."  I also discovered the fingerplay "Wide-Eyed Owl" from Storytime Katie.  Today I am sharing my Spanish translations of each of these.

Cinco lechucitas
Cinco lechucitas sentadas en un árbol.
¡Una se fue volando! ¿Cuántas están quedando?

Cuatro lechucitas sentadas en un árbol.
¡Una se fue volando! ¿Cuántas están quedando?

Tres lechucitas sentadas en un árbol.
¡Una se fue volando! ¿Cuántas están quedando?

Dos lechucitas sentadas en un árbol.
¡Una se fue volando! ¿Cuántas están quedando?

Una lechucita sentada en árbol. 
¡Se fue volando! Ahora, ninguna está quedando.

Leah is so awesome that she has a pattern of her little owls on her blog already, so I'm going to link back to her instead of uploading my pieces as a PDF.  But I do have a video demonstration of this rhyme to share.  This video was produced by the Library of Virginia for my online course "Bilingual Storytime at Your Bilioteca."  The next session of this course is being offered by Library Juice Academy in April.

And finally, Wide-Eyed Owl.  For this rhyme, I like to use an owl puppet or a larger version of one of the owls above.

There’s a Wide-Eyed Owl / El búho con ojos grandes
There's a wide-eyed owl (circle your eyes with your hands)
With a pointed nose (make a beak with your fingers)
Two pointed ears (make ears with your fingers)
And claws for toes (wiggle your "claws")
He lives way up (point way up)
In the tree (way, way up)
And when he looks at you (point to children)
He flaps his wings (flap your wings)
And says, "Whoo! Whoo!" (keep flappin' till the owls come home)

Hay un buho con ojos grandes
Con una nariz puntiaguda
Dos orejitas
Y pezuñas afiladas como deditos
El vive arriba
Muy alto en el árbol
Y cuando les mira
El bate las alitas
Y dice, “Juuu, juuu."

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Online Course: Connecting with Spanish-Speaking Communities

I am teaching a course on outreach to Latino and Spanish-speaking communities in March through Library Juice Academy.  The information is below.  This is a great class not only for youth services librarians, but also outreach librarians, adult services librarians, managers and even administrators who are working to make their libraries more inclusive of Latino and Spanish-speaking communities.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the course: katie@connectedcommunitiesconsulting.com.

Connecting with Spanish-Speaking Communities

Description: A 4-week online course through which participants create an Outreach Plan designed to increase library use by and service to Spanish-speaking immigrant communities.  This course is designed to be most useful to organizations and staff serving communities of first-generation, Spanish-speaking immigrants and their families, particularly when organizations lack bilingual/bicultural staff.  Participants learn strategies, discover resources and develop confidence they can use to reach out to this underserved community and connect them with library services.  

Learning Objectives:
  • Students will identify and select appropriately useful online and print resources available to libraries serving Latinos and Spanish-speakers.
  • Students will generate strategies for building relationships between Latino community and the library, based on case studies and real-life examples of successful outreach.
  • Students will identify specific barriers to library access experienced by Latino and Spanish-speaking communities and articulate specific outreach steps to remove access barriers.
  • Students will apply the outreach process to their own specific organizations by identifying potential partner agencies and community leaders serving Spanish-speakers in their communities.
  • Students will generate ideas for effectively marketing relevant library services to Latino and Spanish-speaking communities.
  • Students incorporate this learning into the creation of an Outreach Plan for their organization.
Upcoming Session: March 1 – March 31 via Library Juice Academy.  Register at http://libraryjuiceacademy.com/032-spanish-speaking.php.   Cost is $175.