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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Earlier is Easier en Español

Wonderful news...Earlier is Easier, the Denver based early literacy initiative, now has a sister website in Spanish! Take a look!

I first learned of the Earlier is Easier initiative about a year ago from Miss Mary Liberry, who is one of the geniuses behind it. For a long time there was a notice at the top that a Spanish site would be coming soon. And it is here! It looks wonderful, and was absolutely worth the wait.

So what is Earlier is Easier? Well, it's a super parent-friendly and easy to navigate website that presents fun and simple ways that parents can engage in early literacy practices at home with their children. It also includes lot of great information about resources and events in the Denver area. Activities are separated by each of the 5 early literacy skills (Read, Sing, Talk, Write and Play) and there is an additional Laugh category. Parents can view activities for all ages, or narrow down to Birth-8 months, 9 months-18 months, 19 months-36 months. 

Colorado, I'm a big fan of your commitment to early literacy. Between Storyblocks, the Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy Book Awards, and now this beautiful, bilingual website dedicated to supporting parents in their work as their child's first teacher, you are truly a state leading the way. 

What cool early literacy initiatives are taking place in your state? Brag on it by leaving a comment!