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Friday, September 7, 2012

Flannel Friday! ¿Eres tu mi mamá?

Friday flannelers, I must apologize.  It's been way too long since I added anything new, and I am very sorry! Hopefully, today's contribution will be one that Spanish/bilingual programmers and English programmers alike will be able to use and enjoy.  It is a flannel version of the P.D. Eastman classic, Are You My Mother? which is also available in Spanish as ¿Eres tu mi mamá?  The story is simple enough - a little birdie hatches from his egg, but his mother is no where to be found.  He looks everywhere for her and asks a variety of creatures and objects if they are his mamá - the cat (el gato), the hen (la gallina), the dog (el perro), the cow (la vaca), a car (un coche), a boat (un barco), a plane (un avión) and a BIG thing (una cosa GRANDE) which I have made as a bulldozer for this verion (una maquina excavadora).

I have a couple of extras to go with this post.  First, as always, you will see the PDF version at the bottom of the post.  Because I am not particularly skilled artistically, but I LOVE making and using flannelboards, it is always helpful for me to have some sort of pattern to scale that I can work with.  Hopefully these PDFs are useful for others of you in the same situation.  Secondly, I found an awesome YouTube version of this story in Spanish that a super creative mom made for her child.  It's definitely worth a listen - this mom has some storytime skills!

Finally, because I feel so terribly about being out of the Flannel Friday loop for so long, look for some extras that will be coming your way this week.  Happy flanneling to all!

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Library Quine said...

Thanks for sharing Katie. Your flannels are lovely and it is super handy to be able to print off the patterns. Love the video too! You'll be able to see all the Flannel Friday ideas at http://loonsandquines.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/flannel-friday-roundup-7th-september.html later on today.