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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bilingual Storytime Flannel Idea - ¡Música!

Recently I observed a colleague use Raffi's "Ha Ha Thisaway" song in storytime and I was inspired.  I came up with a Spanish version of the song in which the singer learns to play different musical instruments as we place them on the flannelboard.  The rhythm of the song is the same, but the words are totally different, making it a movement song that build vocabulary specific to a theme, in this case music.

Keeping the tune, in place of the English chorus we sing:

"Muévete así, muévete acá
Muévete así, ¡Muévete!"
You can move from side to side or back and forth while singing, and clap out the final three syllables as you sing "¡Mué-ve-te!"

We put the flannel pieces up on the board before each verse to learn the name of the instrument, and pretend to play it and make its music.
"Cuando era niño(a), niño(a), niño(a)
Cuando era niño(a), aprendí mucho.
Aprendí a tocar piano, piano, piano,
Aprendí  a tocar piano, PI-A-NO.
Aprendí a tocar trompeta…
Aprendí a tocar guitarra…
Aprendí a tocar tambor…"

Again, you can clap out the syllables of the final word, reinforcing phonological awareness.

El piano y la trompeta
Here are pictures of the flannel pieces that I made to go with our version of this song.
La guitarra y el tambor


Anonymous said...

Gracias por las ideas. This is a great blog. Thank you for the great ideas and the pp presentaion. I am a Bilingual Librarian and offer story times in Spanish and English. Great Job!

Katie said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it useful an hope you come back often!