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Sunday, March 6, 2011

NPR Story on Benefits of Bilingualism

For anyone out there raising bilingual babies, this story from Science Friday is definitely worth a listen!  This really hits home the importance of reassuring parents who may be wary of confusing or harming their child's development by speaking "too much" in their native language, that sharing language with your child is a gift and a key to culture - not too mention an extremely valuable skill to have at one's disposal later in life.


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Amanda Seewald said...

Thank you for sharing such great resources. I would like to submit another couple of resources from my program MARACAS that you may also want to share.

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After providing engaging language learning for hundreds of students since 2002, the MARACAS Las Cuatro Estaciones curriculum and CD are now available for public use and the songs that help bring the learning to life are available for teachers and students to use in and beyond the classroom.

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